Enrollment and Tuition

Kindergarten students must be four (4) years of age for K4 or five (5) years of age for K5 on or before September 1st.  First grade students should be six years old on or before September 1st.  The application must be accompanied by an original birth certificate.  A copy will be made and the original mailed back to you.

All students must provide an original Mississippi Certificate of Immunization.  (Transfer student's certificate will be in their school record and will be provided by the school last attended.)

Students applying for admission for the first time must be interviewed by the Headmaster with at least one parent present.
PCA also reserves the right to administer such tests and make such inquires as it deems necessary to enable its Headmaster to make proper recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding admission of students.
A $350 registration fee per family is due with the application.  Registration is non-refundable.
A $400 maintenance and textbook assessment fee per family is due each year.  $200 must be paid by the first day of school.  The other $200 may be paid by the end of the 3rd nine weeks.  
Tuition is due on the 25th of each month.  A late fee of $30/month is assessed for payments not received by the first day of the next calendar month.  For example, on the 10 month plan, the first payment is due July 25.  A late fee is assessed after August 1.  A $0.50 fee will be assessed for postage for each past due notice that has to be sent.
Each family is required to participant in 2 mandatory fund raising efforts.  There is also a mandatory service hour requirement of 16 hours per family.
Registration Fee                                 $350 per year per family
Maintenance and Book Assessment   $400 per year per family
Tuition Schedule                                                              PAYMENT PLAN                          
                                                                 Total                   12 Months                   
                                                                                         (May 25-April 25)         
Grades K4 - 12                                      $ 5,124                      $427/month                   
Multi-Child Discounts (any grade levels)
Two (2) Students                                 $ 8,964                    $747/month                  
Three (3) Students                              $ 10,800                   $900/month                 
Four (4) or more Students                 $ 12,000                   $1000/month                 
Service Requirements:
16 hours per family per year to school or school organization (or $300 paid by May 1, 2021). (Limit of 4 hours for field trips.  Working athletic events, workdays, and anything else approved by the headmaster will count toward service hours.)
2 Mandatory Fundraisers- Each family will be responsible for selling one book of tickets (20 tickets) for the Annual Drawing, one to be held each semester.  All families are encouraged to participate in other fundraising activities.  Other clubs may request participation  in fundraisers.
Tuition Discount:
Each family who pays tuition for the year in full by June 25, 2020, will receive a $300 discount on the tuition due.  For families who withdraw before the year is completed, the discount will be forfeited.
Families may get a $100 referral incentive for each new family who is referred to PCA and enrolled. This offer will be good up to 5 new families ($500).
Returning students who are not registered by APril 1, 2020, will owe a $50 late fee per family. if not registered by may, 1, 2020, then the late fee increases to $100; if not by June 1, 2020, then the late fee increases to $200; if not by July 1, 2020, then the late fee increases to $400.